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Say Hello to Some of the Team!


Emma Thorley: 2nd Year Medic

“Teddy Bear Hospital has been one of the most fantastic experiences I’ve had since coming to Cambridge! Not only do the children have fun making their teddies better, but they also learn about the importance of a healthy lifestyle and gain an insight into what happens in hospitals. I’m always amazed by their vivid imagination, especially with regard to their teddy’s injuries. Their curiosity and enthusiasm is what inspires me to hopefully be a paediatrician in the future!” – Emma T



Irene: 1st Year Graduate Medic

“Birdy has a broken wing and his heart beats once per minute. Let me listen with the stethoscope!” said one child.“I love helping out at Teddy Bear Hospital! It is endearing to peek into how children think the body might work, and uncover a mind full of curiosity, and how it can be so easily fixed when it goes wrong. Once I had a boy pointing enthusiastically at an X-ray of a pregnant teddy saying “Big teddy has swallowed a little teddy!!” They are days full of play and fun, and I always leave with a big, big smile and having learnt so much!” – Irene


Emma McClean: 3rd Year Medic

“It’s always funny at the end of the TBH sessions when you ask the kids which bit they liked best. You can see all the Teddy Doctors are so proud if they say their station or that they learnt something like it’s important to wash their hands before performing surgery” – Emma M


Sarah Adams: 3rd Year Medic

“I loved getting involved with Teddy Bear Hospital! It’s so great to see the kids having so much fun, and learning some really important life lessons, such as how to call an ambulance. The kids never fail to make you laugh, too – I once asked them what they thought a stethoscope was – they said it was what doctors used to listen to music!”

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