Teddy Bear Hospital is part of a national scheme for primary school children 



The broad aims of the Teddy Bear Hospital Scheme are:
  • To reduce anxiety and provide education about healthcare and medicine to 4-7 year olds in a fun environment.
  • To provide opportunities for medical students to improve their communication skills with children.
  • To encourage medical students to consider the possibility of a career in paediatrics.




We run regular events for 4-7 year olds. The children bring along their sick teddies and  participate in interactive stations to cure their teddies! Our expert ‘Teddy Doctors’, who are volunteer medical students, run the stations to teach the children about topics ranging from healthy eating to surgery and X-rays.

The events are really fun and we hope to teach the children about visiting the doctor and healthy living, whilst reducing their anxiety about going to the doctors. They get to dress up as paramedics, put plaster casts on their teddies and even perform teddy surgery! It’s also great fun for the Teddy Doctors and a brilliant way to improve your communication skills with children – perfect for Paediatrics.